Black is Back!πŸ–€πŸ‘€
Art Deco Style
Vanity: Lirico LIR-W-28 in 86 gloss white
Sink: Lirico H251 in 001 porcelain
Faucet: Cigno 1583.1 in CR polished chrome
#MetropolisLikes NYCxDESIGN 2020 Winner for our LACAVA Zoom fixtures!
Touchless & Sleek✨
Electronic Faucet: Zoom EX22 in 44 matte black
Electronic Soap Dispenser: Zoom EX23 in 44 matte black
Select a gorgeous fixture for your client!😍
Design: Mid-century Modern
Vanity: Linea LIN-VS-36R in 54 matte taupe
Countertop: Linea LIN-UN-36RT in M satin white
Sink: Aquaplane 5030 in 001 porcelain
Faucet: Eleganza 1810 in 44 matte black
Towel Bar: Aqua ATB-32 in 44 matte black
Sink: Aquaquattro 5212 in 001 porcelain
Faucet: Eleganza 1803L in 44 matte black
Featuring Matte Black Finish!πŸ–€
Design: Classic Contemporary
Faucet: Cigno 1586.3 in 44 matte black
Sink: Aquagrande 5460 in 001 porcelain
Faucet: Cigno 1580S.3 in 44 matte black
Sink: Newterra CT500 in SLT slate concrete
Design: Contemporary
Faucet: Flou 4110 in 44 matte black
Faucet: Flou 4103 in 44 matte black
Sink: Newterra CT500 in SLT slate concrete
Beautiful Wall-mount Options!
Faucet: Flou 4114 in 44 matte black
Faucet: Cigno 1514S/1514L in 44 matte black
Stunning Tub Fillers For Your Bathtub!
Tub Filler: Eleganza 1895.1 in 44 matte black
Bathtub: Sottile Tub07 in 001M matte white solid surface
Tub Filler: Cigno 1595S in 44 matte black
Bathtub: Aquatre Tub15 in 001 white acrylic
Durable Freestanding Bathtubs in Solid Surface
Bathtub: Giulia Tub12 in MB matte black
Bathtub: Eleganza Tub14 in MB matte black
Under-mount Sinks Designs - From Single to Trough Bowls
Sizes: 20", 24", 36", 48"W
Undermount Sinks: (left to right)
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