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aquagrande designs
The Aquagrande series from LACAVA features a plethora of luxurious vanities
and consoles as well as smooth porcelain sinks and wood/metal framed mirrors.
Check out the beautiful Aquagrande designs that we have to offer!
Aquagrande vanity (AQG-W-40) in matte taupe paired with porcelain sink (5460) .
Also shown is Eleganza faucet (1803L) and Ovale stool (5111) .
Aquagrande Console

Beautiful floor-standing console stand shown in matte black.
Seen here with Aquagrande sink
and Cigno faucet 1583 .


Aquagrande Sink
( 5460 )

This wall-mount sink has the option of having more than the standard three faucet holes. Seen here is the sink with two Perla faucets (0612) .


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Aquagrande Vanity
( AQG-W-29 in matte white)

This sharp wall-mount vanity features two U-shaped drawers and the option of metal trims in brushed/polished stainless steel, brushed brass, or matte black.


Aquagrande Console

Here is a look at the Aquagrande console in polished stainless steel
with the sink to match. Also seen is Kubista wall-mount faucet 1424L .


Aquagrande Mirror
( M03-23 )

Need a simple framed mirror to go with flashy lights? The Aquagrande mirrors are the go-to. Seen here in weathered oak, these mirrors come in whatever finish you desire.


Aquagrande solid surface bathtub (TUB03) in matte white finish
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