Why Choose LACAVA?

LACAVA was established in response to the market's need for beautiful and inspiring bathroom environment. While design and fashion have been embraced in clothing, automotive, and interior design of major living spaces for a long time now, bathrooms have been lagging. Despite the foremost fact that bathrooms are very personal and high-frequency use areas - or maybe for that very reason - it seemed as though they did not need or could not be an attractive environment. Having the Italian discerning taste and an eye for beauty, the founders of LACAVA decided to enrich this area with a selection of inspiring bathroom fixtures and furnishings.

Our company provides a comprehensive bathroom experience from vanities, lavatories, and tubs, to faucetry, and accessories. All products are carefully styled for luxurious and quality appearance deeply rooted in the Italian design legacy and philosophy that surrounding beauty is inspirational for human spirit and enhances the quality of life and overall well-being.


Our selection of lavatories and sinks, made of porcelain, solid surface, natural stone, and stainless steel, offers a wide range of applications from stand-alone pedestals, wall-mount, on-counter vessels, to vanity top, and undercounter sinks. Regardless of the space requirements, whether it's needed for a mansion with dozens of bathrooms or is sought after by a "tiny house nation," we have shapes and sizes to choose from to fit any facility.

The materials used for LACAVA lavatories, each with its own specific characteristics, ensure long-lasting quality and performance.
Porcelain (also widely known as fine china) originated its name from old Italian porcellana, as it resembles the translucent surface of a shell, although the process itself was first introduced in China. We use very fine clay to produce our Porcelain lavatories. The many benefits of fine clay include low porosity and elasticity, high brilliance of glaze, as well as high resistance of the material and finish to chemicals and thermal shock. However, fine clay is subject to relatively high level of shrinkage 12-15% during kiln firing process at extremely high temperatures reaching over 2200°F / 1200°C. This process results in toughness, strength, and translucent surface similar in touch to glass, but it also produces unavoidable low levels of deviation from the originally intended perfect shape. Each lavatory is therefore slightly unique and closely inspected for proper fit with the accompanying vanity.

Our Solid Surface is a man-made stone that consists of a homogenous mixture of natural stone, vacuum-treated polyester, and aluminum trihydrate. The material is an inert and non-toxic material that is created from a clean production process where a chemical reaction takes place inside the cast molding, which is more environmentally friendly. In addition, Solid Surface is extremely durable and versatile when compared to other materials that are commonly used in bathrooms - it is heat, chemical, stain, scratch and impact resistant. The matte material is non-porous and consistent in color and composition the whole way through, meaning any scratches or stains that might occur can be buffed out and then re-polished back to its original finish. In contrast, Porcelain products cannot typically be repaired once damaged, although Porcelain does usually have a brighter and shinier finish. Gloss finish on Solid Surface is attained with additional coating applied to the surface. Solid Surface is renewable and highly resistant to bacterial and fungal growth.


To complement our lavatories and sinks, we offer a selection of free-standing soaking bathtubs also made of solid surface for the material's characteristics highly functional in a bathroom environment. Our tubs range from 53" to 76" and have very deep bathing room for comfort. The bathtubs are supplied with accompanying drains.


Responsible design takes into consideration the reality of limited renewable resources, in response to which all LACAVA toilets are equipped with dual flush systems 1.6 gpf and 0.8 gpf. Compared to the standard 3.5 or 5.0 gpf toilets, this alone translates into huge water usage savings; over 70% less water is used with dual flush toilets - it not only serves the environment well but also constitutes sizable water bill savings in the long run.
We have toilets for wall-mount or free-standing installation that in general match the appearance and style of our sinks and bathtubs for easy shopping experience.


The protection of our environment is also reflected in the furniture we manufacture. LACAVA supports green manufacturing practices using woods selectively harvested from sustainable forests supplied by vendors certified to abide by environmental regulations and initiatives. Our vanities are of Italian design, German engineering, 100% made in the USA.

We are proud to offer semi-custom bathroom furniture. Every LACAVA furniture piece is completely customizable, with altered dimensions to fit your space, added doors and drawers to maximize storage capacity, customized finishes and materials, and selection of pull hardware for doors and drawers.

Our 10-step finishing process will ensure a luxurious look and exceptional water-resistance properties. Every LACAVA furniture piece is available in 20+ finishes with the choice of textured option on painted flat panels. Our natural wood furniture comes standard with matching wood grain across vanity front elevation.

We pride ourselves in the highest quality craftsmanship and hardware All LACAVA furniture features:

  • hand-made construction by master craftsmen
  • solid wood and/or wood veneer over ply
  • matching wood grain across vanity front elevation
  • no laminates or fiberboards
  • dovetail drawer frames on all units
  • soft-closing hinges and drawer glides by the German manufacturer Blum ensure long-lasting and perfect functionality of the doors and drawers
  • custom and European pulls on drawers and doors
  • sturdy wall cleats and brackets for mounting


    LACAVA faucets, shower heads, and accessories are made of brass plated in chrome or nickel; selected products and lines are made of stainless steel. Faucets and valves are outfitted with the most advanced German ceramic mixing and thermostatic cartridges. Water conservation is satisfied with low-flow aerators. To prove the highest quality standards, LACAVA provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on its faucetry. This warrants any faucet, installed in a residential application, to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original consumer owns his or her home. Any product installed in a commercial application is covered under warranty for one year.

    Selected faucets and fittings:

  • can be used in ADA compliant environment
  • meet requirements for Cal-Green
  • are tested and meet specified standards per the Uniform Plumbing Code
  • are certified for an average lead content of 0.25% or less to meet the "lead free" law

  • Wall-mount, ceiling-mount and hand-held shower heads feature "easy-clean" rubber nozzles and are outfitted with low-flow regulators. LACAVA also offers touch-free electronic faucets and soap dispensers to promote hygienic safety in private and commercial places.

    LACAVA strives to ensure long-lasting beauty and performance of our bathroom fixtures for complete customer satisfaction.

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