Floor-standing elongated one-piece porcelain toilet with siphonic single flush system (effective flush volume: 1.0 gpf), includes a seat cover and tank. Shipping class 4.

W: 15"

D: 28 5/8"

H: 31"

104 lbs/47 kg

001 white



Soft-closing replacement seat for toilet #H258. Shipping class 1.

W: 14"

D: 18 1/4"

001 white



Flush system replacement kit including fill valve, flush valve, flush lever for toilet H258. Shipping class 1.


Wall-mount toilet paper holder made of plated brass. Shipping class 1.

W: 7 3/4"

D: 2 5/8"


Wall-mount or vanity top double-bowl porcelain sink with an overflow. Shipping class 4.

01 one faucet hole, over each drain

02 two faucet holes - center and right over each drain

03 three faucet holes in 8" spread, over each drain

W: 47 1/4"

D: 21 1/4"

H: 8 1/4"

001 white



Floor-standing wood double console stand with turned legs and a center drawer (sink H253 sold separately). It must be attached to wall. Shipping class 4. Former code: H253A.

Available in: 08-white, 16-black, 54-taupe, 35-ardesia,

85-gloss white, 86-gloss black, 84-gloss taupe, 88-gloss ardesia.

W: 44"

D: 19 5/8"

H: 28 1/2"






Wall-mount under-counter vanity with polished chrome pull on flip-open door (pull installed upon request), and LED light in open cubby; ADA compliant. Sink top 5301 or 5301S sold separately. Shipping class 4. Former code: 5301C.

W: 25 3/4"

D: 10"

H: 20"


Wall-mount mirror with LED lights, 12V, 12W, white, adapter and on/off switch included. ADA compliant. Shipping class 3. Former code: 5310.

W: 18 3/4"

D: 4 5/16"

H: 37 1/2"








Mirror in wood frame. Available in: 08-white, 16-black, 54-taupe, 35-ardesia, 85-gloss white, 86-gloss black, 84-gloss taupe, 88-gloss ardesia. Shipping class 3. Former code: H257.

W: 22"

H: 35"






Free-standing soaking bathtub made of luster white acrylic with an overflow and white drain, net weight 132 lbs, water capacity 84 gal. Shipping class 4.

W: 70 3/4"

D: 33 1/8"

H: 25 1/4"

001 white



Deck-mount three-hole faucet with a goose-neck swiveling spout, two cross handles, and pop-up drain 7100-17 included. Water flow rate: 1.2 gpm pressure compensating aerator. Shipping class 1.

SPOUT: 5 1/4"

H: 10 3/4"

lbs 9 / kg 4.01

EX13 (soap dispenser)

Electronic deck-mounted touch-free soap dispenser with goose-neck spout and bottle kit. AC-DC Input Voltage: 120V, includes transformer and battery pack. Small soap bottle supplied upon request - specify code EXBTS at the time of order. Shipping class 1.

SPOUT: 3 5/8"

H: 5 1/2"

EX21 (faucet)

Electronic bathroom faucet for cold or premixed water. Recommended mixing valves sold separately: EX20A or EX25A. Shipping class 1.

H: 9 1/2"



Floor-standing single-hole tub filler with one lever handle, two-way diverter, swivel spout and hand-held shower with 59-inch flexible hose. Water flow rate: 4.35 gpm at 43.5 psi. Shipping class 2.


H: 45 1/2"

11.1 lbs/5 kg


Wall-mount storage cabinet with one door and 2 adjustable shelves. Shipping class 3. Former code: H259.

Available in: 08-white w/ black trim, 16-black w/ white trim, 54-taupe w/ black trim, 35-ardesia w/ black trim,

85-gloss white w/ black trim, 86-gloss black w/ white trim, 84-gloss taupe w/ black trim, 88-gloss ardesia w/ black trim.

W: 18"

D: 7"

H: 22"






Bathroom stool made of solid surface. Shipping class 2.

W: 16 7/8"

D: 9"

H: 17"



Wall-mount porcelain shelf with concealed installation hardware. Shipping class 2.

W: 21 1/4"

D: 5 1/2"

H: 2"

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