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Contemporary bath fixtures your client will love!
Elegant with clean lines
Choose from a wide selection of faucet finishes and styles
Find a sophisticated look for your client's new bath faucet
Shown in Image:
Faucet (left): Cigno 1583.1 in 44 matte black
Faucet (right): Cigno 1582S.1 in 44 matte black
Choose the right contrast!
Shown in Image:
Faucet (left): Cigno 1586.3 in BG brushed gold
Faucet (right): Cigno 1580S.3 in 44 matte black
Two-hole & Three-hole Wall-mount Faucets Are Available!
Shown in Image:
Faucet (left): Cigno 1514S/1514L in 44 matte black
Faucet (right): Cigno 1585S.1/1585L.1 in NI brushed nickel
Did you know our collection of bath fixtures are compatible with each other?
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