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The natural environment, once thought of as indestructible, is in fact a fragile system, that we all must take responsibility to protect and nourish in consideration of the future generations. Lacava embraces the motto “Have concern for other people,” and makes every effort to respond to the market needs while respecting the goodness and beauty of nature.

Lacava strongly rejects the idea of disposable low-quality furniture, which is made mostly of particle board, laminates, plastics, and other oil-based derivates and not intended to last longer than a couple of years. Our high quality furniture is made of renewable resources like natural wood with the least processing possible. Our craftsmanship combined with durable materials and wear-resistant parts allow people to enjoy Lacava’s furniture for many years to come, and is often passed on to the next generation as a valuable asset of the house!

Most importantly, we work with material suppliers who also are environmentally conscious. For instance, the wood we use comes from sustainable forests, where trees are cut selectively in order to preserve the ecosystems and reduce risks of wild fires, versus exploitive clear cuts that destroy the landscape and wildlife. Our vendors abide by many different environmental regulations and initiatives including: SmartWood, the Forest Stewardship Council, the Sustainable Forest Initiative, and the Rainforest Initiative. Furthermore, our suppliers do not sell any wood from endangered species.

In order to reduce gasoline consumption and carbon emissions, we reduce the import transportation needs by manufacturing most of our furniture here in Chicago, USA. This simple solution not only preserves our atmosphere and does not add to the escalating greenhouse effects, but it also conserves the fast-consumed oil reserves. The country-based production also encourages the vitality of the local economy.

In response to the need of fresh water preservation, all of our lavatory faucets are equipped with low-flow pressure compensating aerators. Most our toilets are with dual-flush actuators, which allows for responsible water consumption.

Additionally, our organization is supportive of recycling, such as reusing materials and reducing of waste. Such little things as paper recycling and refilling printer cartridges make it possible to prolong the life of items and reduce waste accumulation. We look into recycling programs with the waste management companies to make sure that the least amount of waste possible ends up in landfills, which are becoming scarcer everyday, due to the tons of trash produced daily in our society.

Lacava believes it is its responsibility to be committed to manufacturing top-notch furniture and to continuously look for ways to reduce and eventually eliminate the usage of environmentally unfriendly materials, byproducts, and processes.


Starting in August 2018 LACAVA faucet packaging will feature a warning label such as the following for California residents:


This product contains one or more chemicals, including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Wash hands after installing or removing this product.

For more information, please go to

Why is there a warning label for California residents on LACAVA packaging?

This label is being attached in compliance with the California Safe Water Act of 1986. Many products sold in California are now or very soon will be carrying these labels, including plumbing and home products, tools and even supplements and food products.

California created AB1953 that was signed into law effective January 2010 mandating that all faucets have a lead content of no more than 0.25% weighted average to be considered "lead-free". The purpose of this law was to limit lead levels in faucets to protect consumers. LACAVA adopted this low lead standard well ahead of the legislated deadline as we are committed to producing high quality, safe and sustainable plumbing products.

So, if LACAVA faucets meet and exceeds these low lead regulations, why do we still carry a warning label on our products? While the State of California determined that this level of lead in faucets is safe and will not expose consumers to related health risks, Prop 65 is an additional initiative that seeks to warn California residents of the presence of any substance, even in trace amounts that is known to the State of California to cause adverse health issues.

Does this mean that using our products will cause cancer or birth defects?

Almost all faucets and fittings should now carry the Prop 65 label in California as they include components made with brass, which contain small but detectable amounts of lead, an element included on the Prop 65 chemical list.

Even though a product may be found to contain a Proposition 65-listed chemical, it does not mean that use of the product will cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Nor does it mean that a product is unsafe. Again, all LACAVA products meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable product performance and safety industry standards, as well as the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. We are very confident that there is no health hazard associated with use of our products.

I do not live in California so why is my product being labelled?

Product supply chains can be quite complicated, meaning that we could sell to a distributor in one state which they in turn sell to an end consumer in another state. These warning labels are only required in the state of California. No other US state or Canadian province require similar labels and no federal laws require them. However, the only way to ensure that all product sold in California will be properly labelled is to label all product.

For more information on Proposition 65 Please visit:

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