Style Trends In Bath Design


“Style Trends in Bathroom Design” is an in-depth study of residential bathroom styles since the beginning of indoor bathrooms to the present time. You will learn how architectural and interior design styles have been interpreted in bathrooms. The elements, motifs, principles and influences of each style category will be explained. You will learn how to create designs of different periods. You will understand the technological advances that impacted bathroom design over the years. The major categories of classical, contemporary and transitional design will be defined and you will see how each category has changed over time.

This course earns 1 hour of credit (.1) for each association listed below:
AIA - Course# ORI302 - Style Trends On Demand, CATEGORY: General Knowledge/ Design
IDCEC - Course Title : STYLE TRENDS IN BATHROOM DESIGN Course Code : CEU-111589
NKBA - Style Trends in Bathroom Design

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Review the slides, when ready take test and score 80% or higher to receive credit.

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1. What are the three principal categories of style in bath design?

2. When did the Contemporary categories of style begin?

3. What are some of the ways you can create Transition?

4. Which Traditional style was considered the “National Style”?

5. Why are the Transitional styles considered timeless?

6. Minimalism embraces which of the following principles?

7. The Bauhaus school curriculum was unique because of which of these innovations?

8. If the era of indoor bathrooms began in the mid-1880s, which of these Traditional styles began before 1885?

9. Which group of proponents is properly matched with the styles they championed?

10. Which of these style groups is not a Transitional style?