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The foundation of each civilization is its love for the arts - LACAVA Creed


Europe is a land of small businesses with a long history of fierce competition. Their ancient roots can still be seen today, as each one tries to distinguish itself from the others by developing original designs. This is true in all fields. Bathroom furnishings are one of them. Nowhere else in the world can you find such a variety of artistically designed bathroom furniture and accessories as in Europe.

Lacava, a company of Italian origin, located in Chicago, is dedicated to continuing this legacy in order to enrich American private homes and lifestyles as well as public facilities with ingenious and inspiring bathroom collections. As a result of Lacava's collaboration with designers from around the world in defining the future bathroom styles, the company specializes in both contemporary and transitional styles for commercial, retail, hospitality, and residential applications in standard and custom settings. The geographical location of Lacava enables us to provide our customers with the convenience of local, personalized service, coupled with the state of the art technologies and experienced artisans creating superior quality furnishings with customization capacity. Our complete product collections are constantly changing and expanding as we restlessly strive to shape the forthcoming market trends.

Our logo reflects the elegance & majesty of Mount Vesuvius, the infamous volcano which buried the city of Pompei, Italy in 79 AD. Mount Vesuvius is the most impressive sight for many miles in the Naples region, and was a constant inspiration for the founder of LACAVA, Carmine Lacava, as he looked from the balcony of his childhood home in Italy.



Mount Vesuvius
Professional Affiliations & Awards Business Ethics
Membership of National Kitchen & Bath Association Certificate - VIEW*
  • 10th Anniversary Certificate - VIEW*
  • 20th Anniversary Certificate - VIEW*
  • Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association Certificate - VIEW*
  • 2020 DPHA Product of the Year Winner - VIEW*
  • 2020 DPHA Product of the Year Honorable Mention - VIEW*
  • 2023 DPHA Furniture Product of the Year Honorable Mention - VIEW*
  • Better Business Bureau
  • 2018 BBB Complaint Free Award - VIEW*
  • 2021 BBB Certificate - VIEW*
  • 2021 BBB Complaint Free Award - VIEW*
  • 2023 BBB Certificate - VIEW*
  • Trends Magazine
  • Trends Top 50 American Bathrooms - VIEW*
  • Best of Year Awards by Interior Design
  • Best of Year Awards 2012 Winner - VIEW*
  • Best of Year Awards 2014 Honoree - VIEW*
  • Best of Year Awards 2016 Finalist - VIEW*
  • Best of Year Awards 2017 Honoree - VIEW*
  • Best of Year Awards 2020 Finalist - VIEW*
  • Best of Year Awards 2021 Honoree - VIEW*
  • Best of Year Awards 2022 Honoree - VIEW*
  • Best of Year Awards 2023 Honoree - VIEW*
  • #MetropolisLikes
  • Metropolis Likes 2020 Winner - VIEW*
  • Hospitality Design Awards
  • The 16th Annual HD Awards 2020 Finalist - VIEW*
  • The 17th Annual HD Awards 2021 Finalist - VIEW*
  • The 19th Annual HD Awards 2023 Finalist - VIEW*
  • NYC x Design Awards
  • NYC x Design Awards 2020 Finalist - VIEW*
  • NYC x Design Awards 2022 Finalist - VIEW*
  • NYC x Design Awards 2023 Finalist - VIEW*
  • NYC x Design Awards 2024 Finalist - VIEW*
  • The Architect's Newspaper (AN)
  • 2023 Best of Products Awards Winner - VIEW*

    LACAVA LLC strives for professional excellence. Customer satisfaction within our policies and mutual respect is our most important goal. In most cases, we manage to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Despite our best efforts, however, we have had communicated cases of dissatisfied customers, who placed their orders with independent online retail stores, and subsequently experienced long delays or dissatisfactory customer service.

    Please be aware that Lacava LLC is not affiliated with any retail web sites selling Lacava products online. All retail stores whether online or physical entities are independent companies governed by their own policies and ethical conduct. They may be selling second-hand or forged products as original Lacava products. Furthermore, orders you place with those independent companies may never be communicated to Lacava LLC or may be communicated with gross delays. Unprofessional conduct of some retail stores may not only be defamatory to Lacava name, but it may also void your warranty if your purchase cannot be traced with sales receipts and lacava invoice reference as legitimate Lacava merchandise. Service under Lacava warranty is only available for genuine Lacava products purchased through authorized dealers or Lacava web site.

    Should you experience questionable delays with your orders, you may choose to contact Lacava LLC directly to obtain your order status if it has been communicated to Lacava LLC at all. In such emergency cases, please email info@lacava.com providing your name and the company’s name if applicable, the shipping address, item number and description, retailer you purchased it through, and the date your order was placed on.

    We can trace your order or whether we have it, only if we have all the information specified above.

    Thank you for your business with Lacava LLC.

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